Welcome to the authentic Orient experience!

In the heart of Grimsby Top Town

We are right in the heart of Grimsby Top Town. Ideal for a quick bite to eat after a long day in our shopping district. Perfect for an intimate meal for two. Spot on for those big occassions.

An authentic taste of the Orient

Golden Regency's dishes are freshly prepared, made in our very own kitchen and cooked each day. This ensures that each dish has the mouth watering flavours you are all known to love!

We use an abundance of locally sourced ingredients and are proud to support longstanding and established Grimsby grocers.

"Yum Cha"

Taste the freshly steamed "Dim Sum" we have to offer. It is served as an assortment of steamed and fried delicacies in small bamboo containers. The dining experience is called "Yum Cha and is similar to a Western morning or afternoon tea.